About the Author

Kenny Wilson at the Sudbury Market, June 2019

Kenny Wilson

Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. Kenny had spent his young life dreaming of writing a book. However, like most young men he never put action to his dreams.

Later in life when he became a father, he made the decision to start writing. The first book he wrote was based on a  story first told to his daughter Evelyn while she was being put to bed. That night as she slept in her bed, Kenny began writing Tommy and the Christmas Coal.

Since then Kenny has gone on to write the Rabbit Girl series and to be featured in the Creepy Capreol 2 book that is due to be published in August 2019.

Always wanting to give back, Kenny is involved in the Mountain of Mittens program through his local church. Every year he helps schools be able to give thousands of mittens to children who would otherwise be forced to miss recess. He is also working with Sudbury Catholic School board to give books to kids who would otherwise not have books to read. 

Raisa M.S.

Raisa is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer born in the Philippines. Followed her passion and started small by working as a designer for logos and T-shirt companies. Art has always intrigued her since she was a kid because of her mom’s routine of reading books to her. Her dream when she was young was to someday get published and years later, met the author and partnered up with him as an illustrator.
Raisa is the illustrator of Tommy and the Christmas Coal and the Rabbit Girl Series.
Raisa M.S.