Rabbit Girl Comic

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue 20

    Evy has finished her call with Kids Help Phone and is discussing what she is going to do with Coach Janet about CJ and Terry. The Carrot Alarm s...
  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue 19

    Evy goes to Coach Janet for advice. Without CJ to rely on, she feels completely lost. Thankfully Coach Janet and her friends at Kids Help Phone are there to help her out.
    If you need someone to talk to, there is always someone ready to listen at Kids Help Phone. Call 1-800-668-6868 or send a text to 686868.
    You can also go right to their site here.
  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue 18

    CJ is working on a new gadget when she is interrupted by a visit from her mom. Will she accept the gift that Evy left her? And what is it that she is working on?

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue 17

    Evy heads over to see CJ to make up after their fight. Will the two be able to get past their argument and become friends once again.
  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue 16

    Rabbit Girl is caught in the clutches of a training robot designed to be much stronger than her. Will she be able to defeat someone stronger than her.


  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue 15

    Coach Janet has a surprise for Rabbit Girl. Is there anything stronger that RG? And if there is, how can she win?

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue 14

    Evy is still upset about CJ wanting to become a hero when she shows up for practice. Coach Janet gives Evy advice on how to fix it.

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Thirteenth Issue

    When CJ tells Evy that she wants to become a hero too, it doesn't go well. The two best friends decided to part ways,

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Twelfth Issue


    Evy has a heart to heart with the reader on how this bullying has been affecting her while she is getting ready to meet with CJ.

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Eleventh Issue

    It looks like Evy has lost her temper and is fighting back against the bullies. Will CJ be able to stop her before she reveals her secrets?

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Tenth Issue

    Evy is back after her victory only to find herself still being bullied. Now that post on Disgrace-book is adding fuel to the fire.

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Ninth Issue

    Rabbit Girl and her newfound friend, Fang, race to the edge of Ste Anne of the Pines. Read to find out how Rabbit Girl deals with her friend who cheats to get the lead.