Rabbit Girl Comic

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Eighth Issue

    Rabbit Girl and Fang share a heart to heart. Rabbit Girl is surprised to discover she is not the only one to be bullied.

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Seventh Issue

    Rabbit Girl is hopping as fast as she can to rescue the skiers at the ski hill. This issue also introduces a new troll who will be playing a pivotal role in the Troll King!

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Sixth Issue

    Evy and CJ goes see Coach Janet to talk about the bullying. Only to discover that Terry made a horrible post about Evy on Disgrace-Book.

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Fifth Issue

    Rabbit Girl Comic, Fifth Issue

    Evy and CJ are having lunch at school when they are interrupted by a bully named Terry.

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue Four

    Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue Four

    Evy is back from the North Pole. However she is worried about going back to school and facing a bully.

  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Third Issue

    Rabbit Girl is giving chase to the troll who stole all of the Christmas gifts.
  • Rabbit Girl Comic, Issue 2

    Rabbit Girl and Agent Elf arrive too late to save the North Pole from a troll attack.
  • Rabbit Girl Comic, First Issue

    Rabbit Girl discovers that the North Pole is under attack by a troll.