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A quiet Sunday afternoon with new friends

Sudbury Writer’s Guild

Right now at this very moment I am sitting at a table surrounded by some of the best writers that Sudbury has to offer. What are we doing? Writing of course!

The Sudbury Writers Guild had invited me to come out to the Sudbury Library to participate in a writing circle. This is the first time I had ever done something like this and I can tell you that the experience has been enriching. Think of it as a positive peer pressure group that forces you to complete a few hours of writing without any distractions. Or the temptation to finish writing early that can often plague a new writer.

The best part of this experience is afterwards we are able to share our work with other more experienced writers and get some great feedback in order to improve the quality of the work we are doing. If I have said before I will say it again. Sudbury is the best at working together in order to make our community better. This group is a great example of how Sudbury writers are supporting each other so collectively we can produce great work.

Over the past few months I wanted to start a blog on my website in order to discuss my journey as an author. Now, if you are paying attention, this is my first blog post ever. That is because I haven’t taken the time I need in order to make a new entry. Thanks to the writers circle I was able to make an edit to my next book. Finish writing the first draft of the following book in that series. Write the copy for the contest I launched on Facebook this week. And on top of it all, write this blog post. Wow! I think I got more done in a few hours than I did all week.

Don’t write children’s books like me? No problem! The Writer’s Circle supports writing of all styles. Whether you are creating a fictional biography, the next great zombie story, or you are writing a script there is someone here who can share their experience to sharpen your skills. In this group you will find encouragement and suggestions in order to fulfill your dreams as a writer.If you love writing and want to also benefit from positive peer pressure to be able to get your thoughts on paper, then you need to stroll on over to the Sudbury Writers’ Guild’s Facebook page and give it a like. They have great events just like this one thanks to the tireless effort of their executive. You too can join us and get writing!!

– Kenny Wilson